Thursday, June 25, 2015

saying goodbye

after our friends left, we had 1 last evening together in this amazing place. i had to go "say goodbye" to the ocean. but we'd already vacuumed out the car and taken showers, so the kids had to stay on the walkway ;-)

i took the picture, then handed my camera to rebekah to hold so i could go closer real quick. she took a picture of me. but i love how you can see THEIR shadows in it! :-)
 a couple of them wanted to spend some money. so we went to a store. joshua bought 4 shark teeth for $1.
then we went back to the house and packed the car. and ended our evening by walking to get ice cream!

 sawyer wanted to sleep next to my bed that night, instead of with the other kids. i didn't complain :-)
it was such an amazing few days with my kids. so fun. so easy. so simple. such a GREAT transition to summer for us!!!

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