Thursday, June 25, 2015

our new groove

this week has been all about getting into our new groove. it's had it's moments, but my heart has been in a good place, so the "moments" have mostly turned into sweet ones instead of putting me over the edge. we're all learning our limits and boundaries...and we each have different ones, which is tricky. we've seriously been ALL together...all 7 of us, since last tuesday afternoon. a good week of that, and i think we're all feeling a bit suffocated. but even when i try to separate them and have "quiet time" or something, they can't WAIT to be together again.

we went to the library {above} and captain america was there! MADE THEIR DAY!! we loaded up with books and the summer reading program sheets that has them reading 400% more than they usually do. it's amazing what the promise of a free ice cream cone can motivate a kid to do!

it's so sweet to just have free minutes. to be standing at the kitchen and see some overripe bananas and ask rebekah, "want to make banana bread?" and to have the time for her to do it!
and these 3. their bond is so sweet and cute. they talk NON-STOP about who knows what. but they are so happy to be living life side by side. i love to watch them. {and sometimes like to listen to them...but also have to escape the noise sometimes ;-)}

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