Wednesday, April 29, 2015

slowly learning

just in case you need a laugh as much as i do.
don't we ALL always need a laugh? when would you not?

i found about 37 selfies that sawyer took on my phone the other day. pat and i were CRYING-laughing at them. {man. we need to become reallly good friends with an orthodontist. looks like he's in for a long road! :/}

i'm slowly learning, that where i put my eyes, thoughts, heart is where i will be. there have been some heavy moments today, but i've chosen to put my eyes on Jesus {ok. and sometimes to pull these pictures up on my phone, too} and He always lifts my heart. ALWAYS. it doesn't change circumstances. but it does change where i allow my emotions to go amidst those circumstances. my joy and my hope are in the One that will never run out of joy and hope. what good news!!

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