Tuesday, April 28, 2015

a great weekend

amazing title, i know :-)

i surprised pat with a special dinner on friday night, his favorite, chicken pot pie.
we have pizza from Sam's on friday night. but he got his own {2!} pies.
and got to eat them all weekend.
after my run on saturday morning, the girls and i had a yard sale/bake sale. the yard sale was for my friend, denise. and the bake sale was for rebekah's fund to go back to haiti. she made more money than i did. but we both did well and it was SO fun and encouraging to see so many people we love that came to support us!
while we did that, the boys did baseball games. i got to lincoln and sawyer's {first!} game of the season. this shot was taken with a cassada on 1st and 3rd. they don't really keep score. but my boys do ;-) and joshua hit 2 doubles in his game earlier in the morning, which earned him a new bat {apparently pat made a deal with him...}
i squeezed in some cake making for special guy between a picnic lunch with our brazil team...and dinner out with friends. it was a full, but amazing day!
sunday was pat's birthday. we spent it just how he wanted...the morning at church, chicken pot pie for lunch :-), afternoon at the batting cages watching his boys hit, went to buy joshua his new bat, and then home for grilled pizza and nutella chocolate cake (it was as amazing as it looks!)

i'm so so very thankful for this man's life. he loves his God with all his heart...and that trickles down to all who are blessed to know him. happy birthday, pat!

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Barbara Cassada said...

Patrick, you were born just before six in the morning.....and I woke up 38 years later just about the time you had been born!!! Moms always remember those special times!! I love you with all of my heart, sweetie!! Dad and I are very proud to say that we are your parents!!
God bless you with many more years of happiness!