Friday, May 1, 2015


EVERY spring, our sweet bailey turns into a different person. she is irritable, angry, and not that fun to be around. since all of those things are the OPPOSITE of who she usually is, it's very sad for all of us. the cause is spring allergies. we've tried to combat them with some different medicines.

but this year, i had to try something further. we went to the allergist to figure out exactly what we were dealing with.
and it is a LOT. lots of trees, grasses and weeds. boo. hiss.
but we have a plan of attack and hopefully we'll see some improvement. unfortunately, we really need to be on our game before the trees start producing their pollen in early spring, and we never are.

we WILL be next spring. marking it on my calendar now. (not really. i don't have a calendar for next spring. but i'm going to once i do have one :-))

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