Wednesday, April 15, 2015

i'm 38

last friday was my birthday. i had to figure it out, but i turned 38 years old. that's sounding kinda old.

pat and the kids left that afternoon for the weekend. they went camping with some other dads and kids. it was the only weekend that worked for everyone...and it was nice to have the weekend to myself...but a little weird going to bed that night alone. i admit to opening and reading pat's card to me that night because i felt lonely, even though i was supposed to wait until they got home on sunday.

the day was a sweet one, though! so many sweet texts, emails and phone calls. during breakfast that morning, pat shared a verse he had just read about finding a wife and said some nice things to and about me in front of our kids. that meant the world to me.

many of the messages i received throughout the day said specific things about who GOD believes me to be and how God sees me. it was straight truth. and, as much as i appreciate hearing nice things from my friends hearts, i REALLY needed to hear those truths that couldn't be shaken off.

i spent the afternoon eating cake before dinner with my mom. it was such a fun time together! we rarely get HOURS to just sit and be together these days.
and then i went out to dinner with a friend that loves me so well. and, again, sat there for hours. what a gift!!

after my long run the next morning, i had the day ahead of me. i felt really old when i chose this for my breakfast (when i could have justified eating anything since i had just was my birthday weekend...and i was by myself.)
i wanted to feel GOOD that day and knew if i ate what i really wanted, that i'd feel like crap. don't worry. i made up for it later with more cake :-)

i had a great day, cleaning a little, reading a lot, going for a walk with a friend, and staying up too late. it was glorious.

and i was SO ready to see this crew the next day! this tree is in our front yard. they agreed to a picture. i agreed to just use my phone, so it's not a GREAT picture, but it's a picture with my family and i love it. and them.
i'm excited to see what God has in store for me this year! i've got my eyes fixed straight on Him and am ready to do whatever He asks of me!


Leighann said...

Happy Birthday!!

Unknown said...


janet said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Ali said...

I loving what the Lord is teaching you these days! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday!

Barbara Cassada said...

We look forward to celebrating yours and Patrick's birthdays together on May 3!
Mom and Dad