Tuesday, April 14, 2015

not racing

the first week back home from a big adventure like brazil/haiti is always interesting. you just don't really know how you're going to feel...but it's going to change you and change how you desire to live in some way.

i came home determined not to RACE through life. i'm good at racing through life...checking things off, taking bits and pieces in as i go, but i'm certain i miss a lot living life that way.
when i think about how Jesus lived life on this earth, i can't remember a time that He rushed or raced. and He had some pretty important stuff to do here! if He can accomplish all His Father sent Him to do without rushing or racing, then i should be able to live life that way, too. it might mean i check less items off my list, but i'm ok with that. because it will also likely mean that i was fully present in each moment, that i saw Him and His grace in each moment and that i am finishing the day filled up with Him and not completely empty.
{just a friendly game of soccer. girls vs boys. i had 10 minutes until i needed to start dinner. instead of getting "one more thing" done, i chose to play. it was a good choice.}

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Leighann said...

Yes!!! I am trying so hard to stop looking to the next thing and living in the moment. Stop doing and just being…..