Thursday, April 16, 2015


the weather has been super duper gorgeous this past week and i'm in love. i canNOT get enough. i'm a routine girl. but that sunshine has given me a new routine...feeding my soul AND body on the back porch at lunchtime on sunny days {there have been as many rainy days as sunny...but the sunny days make it worth it!} i relocated a chair out there and it's staying there for good.
the other afternoon, i tried to escape to the front porch to read. but these rascals followed me and brought their intense game of Uno. i just had to smile. it annoyed me a teeny bit, because i was hoping for some quiet. but, as quickly as i felt annoyed, i also KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that one day i will MISS those little bodies and little voices so so much. things will be too quiet all too quickly. i'll have time to sit and read on the quiet, empty porch. so i chose to be thankful for the chaos and noise surrounding me...and kept reading my book :-)

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