Friday, April 17, 2015

the smiles

 i got my hands on more pictures from the trip to Haiti a couple weeks ago. i just can't get enough of the JOY and SMILES!

 they've been friends since they were teeny tiny girls.

 we brought them these shirts last fall! and they were still wearing them :-)
 the beach. they took the kids to the BEACH. i'm trying to convince pat we should open a resort there. it's like a hidden treasure!

 that's my Emile getting buried in the sand :-) i can hear his laugh. and his smile is the BEST.


Barbara Cassada said...

Looking at the photos warms my heart! I can only imagine how warm Pat and Rebekah's hearts are! I would love to meet Emile, Courtney! I bet that he has a terrific laugh!

Alden and Dorian said...

Oh how I enjoyed those smiles ~ big, real, contagious smiles. I can see why you wanted to post them.