Thursday, March 12, 2015

our last snow day {for the LOVE...let it be so!}

after we grocery shopped...and bought pets...we spent the afternoon sledding with friends.

his REAL smile!!

what my house has looked like for the last 2 months...
most snow days there are at least 8 kids here...and often more like 12. and it's been totally fine. we go through a lot of snacks :-) but now that they are older, having friends over doesn't really add more to MY day...they just play together and i feed them every so often! the only requirement to be a friend invited in is that you are nice to ALL the Cassada kids...and all of my kids friends are, so they can all come in anytime! :-)
in a brave act of confidence, i swept (10 POUNDS of sand!) and cleaned the floors on my hands and knees with vinegar yesterday morning. i washed winter away...come on, spring!!


Ali said...

The sledding pictures are great! I am SO ready for spring.

Barbara Cassada said...

What a wonderful snow day!!! Wish I could have been there!!