Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a pet

the day after the big snow, the kids didn't have school again. but the roads were fine. so off to grocery shopping we went. at one point, joshua asked if he could buy a fish. "if i pay for it?" i said, "no." without hesitation. then, about 10 seconds later, i said, "sure!" his surprise was hysterical :-)

bailey decided she wanted to buy one, too.

so, we went for groceries and came home with 2 pets. ha!

bailey was SO in love with her fish. she spent a ton of time that afternoon researching what they like and don't like, what to do and not do. and hers was dead the next morning. she CRIED AND CRIED. and pat took her to get a new one (at a pet store...instead of walmart.) she is still SO in love with her fish...RUNS home from school to see it. it's beautiful to see the love that girl has in her heart!

joshua's died 5 days later. i asked if he was ok. he said, "it's just a fish. and it was his fault anyways. he always stayed at the top of the bowl." ??? i have no idea. but he appears to have my sentiments for pets :/


Alden and Dorian said...

Dad and I are sitting here together reading this and yep...we're laughing our heads off....of course for your and Joshua's comments and sad/excited for sweet Bailey. You're a hoot!

Katy said...

Hysterical! !!

Barbara Cassada said...

Kids are so truthful!!!!!