Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a REAL snow day

we've had lots of *fake* snow days this year. where the kids didn't go to school, but it only snowed a couple inches and we still went on with life and there wasn't even enough snow to go sledding.

but, last week we had a REAL snow day. pat didn't even go to work! and we tried to go out to dinner that night but NO where was open because of all the snow!

late afternoon, i walked into the study where Pat was working and said, "we're going on a walk." i HAD to get out of the house. he was a smart man and said, "ok." and got up immediately. we left the kids at home playing games, ipad, Wii, whatever they were doing. and just the 2 of us went on a walk. it was so nice!

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Megan said...

Oh, you romantic love birds. I love it! I hope you wrestled in the snow a bit.