Friday, March 13, 2015

championship game

rebekah's basketball was in the championship this past weekend.
joshua even changed our sign in the kitchen for her (DAYS ahead. i hope she knows what a gift she has in his love for her.)
they played hard. but lost.
it is SO fun to watch her play. she is intense and focused and aggressive. i am in awe of her.

but after the game, it was announced that she is on the all-star basketball continues! :-)

the weather over the weekend seemed to make a turn for the better and we SO enjoyed being able to be OUTSIDE on sunday!
there were LOTS of smiles and i felt like i took DEEP breaths in for the first time in MONTHS. it felt so so good! i think we just might make it :-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

Rebekah, Granddad and I are so very proud of you!!!!! Way to go in making the All-Star Team, sweetie!!!
Love you always,