Monday, February 2, 2015

the fogarty's visit!!

remember how our new years eve plans changed and it was so so sad?? {the fogarty's were supposed to come and join our party but were sick so couldn't}

so...we tried to have a little "re-do"...but the ayer's couldn't make it, and the young's got sick (boo!) so just the fogarty's joined us for a couple days. our crew was SO happy!!
 we didn't "do" a lot...just hung out, kids played, adults talked (actually, now that our kids are getting older, we had quite a bit of time to REALLY talk even when the kids were awake!!)
 it was just so great to connect with each of them. we are so thankful for each of their friendships...and i'm ESPECIALLY thankful for this one :-)

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