Tuesday, February 3, 2015

natural history museum

 last monday was a teacher workday. it was snowing...but i had a fun plan so we went ahead with it! after going to the gym (i needed to workout. and rebekah and joshua played basketball together.) we drove into DC to go to the natural history museum. some of my kids have been on field trips...but NONE of the younger ones have been.

after finding and parallel parking (!! why didn't i take a picture??!) we ate our lunch in the car. then walked a MILE to the museum. i could have parked closer...but we all needed the fresh air and exercise! plus it was snowing, so it was a pretty walk! :-)
 we just took our time or sped through the exhibits, depending on how much we liked them. we spent a LONG time in the "mammals" exhibit...
 i LOVE sawyer looking up at the giraffe here :-)

 and the next favorite was the gems! the hope diamond...

 it was such a GREAT day. no rushing. no stress. not really a schedule besides "go to museum until we're done and then come home".

this crew of mine...i sure do love them!!
 i look forward to many more adventures like this!!

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