Tuesday, February 3, 2015

another NOT normal week...

after a busy weekend...and a teacher workday...i was ready for the rest of the week to be normal! but...we had snow so the kids were home that tuesday. lincoln and levi's school day was a little more noisy than usual...but we made it through the basics at least :/
my heart was in such a dark place this day...rebekah really stepped it up and helped me out. a lot. (she understood where i was coming from. it's precious to have kids old enough to CARE and LOVE you!)
ok. i'm OBSESSED with brussel sprouts. i ate them for like 6 meals straight last week...but have tried to cut back (to 2 meals a day...).

this meal is SO good. seriously.
date night with pat. hot tea for him. cold tea for me.
the beginning of a fun little project!
snapped this pic while bailey and i were running 4 miles together - that girl did SO great! we just ran and talked and it was FUN!! she's come so far!!

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bNg2flip said...

I really liked the brussel sprouts recipe! I tried it with my in-laws in town this weekend and they liked it--even my husband tried it (claims he hates the stuff). Thanks!!!