Friday, January 9, 2015


we had planned to have the fogarty's at our house for the first couple days of 2015, and since they couldn't come, we had some days with nothing planned - kind of a gift...

we made the most of it. and truly rested. i got SO much sleep and haven't felt that rested in a LOONG time.

pat went through "stuff". the kids love shredding paper :-)
i tried to start detoxing from all the yummy christmas goodies.
i love my perpetual calendar! it's so fun to see 5 years (now) of memories each day. THIS year on january 1 we bought a new mattress! it's been 17 years...i think it was time! i can't WAIT for it to arrive!
i hadn't done lesson plans for a month. it felt good :-)
we were stuck inside a bit too one day we went for a walk. in the rain. IT'S JUST WATER, people!! :-) we were ALL a lot better when we got home.
it's hard to catch a REAL smile on joshua's face on camera...
but it's one that makes my heart sing!
AND...the night before we all went back to school/work...we grilled burgers on our firepit! let me rephrase that...I grilled burgers on our firepit...and i've never even grilled burgers on a GAS grill...they turned out pretty good (pat said they were underdone. but he was yelling at the Cowboys while i was he didn't get to really say much ;-))
he redeemed himself by playing capture the flag with the kids after we ate...IN THE RAIN. while i cleaned up the kitchen. he's the best dad.
our break was such a great balance of fun times, of hosting, of seeing family and friends...and of resting and just being together.

back to the we go! :-)

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