Friday, January 9, 2015

new years eve 2014

new years eve is one of those days we look forward to all year. we know who we're going to be with. we know what we're going to do (eat and laugh and be with people we LOVE and who love us.)

for years now, we've gotten together with 3 of the couples we vacation with every summer...friends from college. we alternate the destination (northern virginia or richmond) and we just enjoy being together and ringing in the new year. i got to host this year, which i was so excited about!

just as i was putting the finishing touches on setting the table, my phone rang. the fogarty's weren't going to be able to come because owen had just gotten sick. the sadness was OVERWHELMING. they have 4 kids and my kids ADORE each and every one of them. not to mention i had a list of things that ali and i needed to cover and discuss :-) we were so so so sad.

but we did carry on. the ayer's came from richmond and we all gathered at the young's for the afternoon. the kids played and ate dinner and rang in the new year (at 5 pm) there. it was so fun!
then we came to our house, got the kids all settled in bed or with movies, and had adult dinner, drinks and conversation for the rest of the night!

LOVE these girls!! SO much! (but missed ali immensely...)

we could hear our older kids still awake about 15 minutes to midnight, so we let them come down and ring in the new year with us. i actually loved that so much. and they did too ;-)
welcome, 2015!! it's going to be a good one! i just know it!

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