Thursday, July 10, 2014


so this kind of feels like our first REAL week of summer. since we were gone 2 of the first 3 weeks with only 5 days home in between.

summer is always a transition for me. and i know we'll get in a groove. but it's been a challenging week for me...i miss being with pat (and my family!)...i have even less time to myself than kids need to eat have lists and all kinds of things that piled up these first 3 weeks of summer...and i want to establish some routines in our day (chores, schoolwork) to keep us all sharp and productive. i also want to have fun and plan some special days...but don't even have time to fold the laundry we create! it's just overwhelming.

i go back and forth between wanting to just ignore all the lists and tasks and just LIVE 100%...but we've done that for 3 weeks...and we have to regroup and work and be still some, too.

trying to find that balance. all while they are looking to me for direction every minute of every day.

we jumped back into life at home with swim team (for 5), horse camp (for 1) and tennis camp (for 1) every day. my car has put some SERIOUS miles on it this week.

bailey has transitioned from this:
to this:
every morning (in the car no less!) she has LOVED horse camp. and i love that for her. she also wanted to do her hair in a different hairstyle each day, and planned them all out on monday. i love that girl.
joshua has enjoyed tennis camp. he's pretty good.
and, amidst it all, i've attempted to get back on track in eating and exercising, too.

and all the while, feeling like God is really talking to me...challenging me...and i'm listening and waiting for His next word. i LOVE that.


Barbara Cassada said...

Bailey is so adorable...and I bet that she is loving horse camp!!! Joshua is so athletic!! Can't wait to spend time with our grandchildren!!!

Ali said...

sorry it's been so crazy but at least you know to expect the transition time.
love Bailey's hair plan ;) Ry is still obsessed with horses. Perhaps they can join forces someday!