Wednesday, July 9, 2014

myrtle beach 2014

we had an incredible week away this past week.

but, first, the day before we left (friday, june 27) was NOT one of my prettiest days. ugly mom showed up after a week of TONS of stuff going on between our 2 trips. yuck.
i don't think i've talked about it here yet. but bailey had 2 teeth chipped at the end of may. and got them fixed that week in between our 2 beach trips. look at her beautiful smile!!
we left BRIGHT and early saturday morning! this trip seemed like a BREEZE after driving to florida!
more traffic. another detour by me :-)
and we're here!
i felt like i wasn't taking that many pictures. i was just ENJOYING it all and loving every minute. but, after spending 2 days uploading them all (not even any editing!) there ARE quite a few. i also "stole" some from my mom and sister.

my parents rented 2 golf carts...and that's what the kids rode on ALL week long. super fun!

that minute you see the beach for the first time that trip. even though we'd just been at the ocean a week before, it was still just as breathtaking.

and then we looked over our shoulder. and some DARK clouds were coming. so we didn't last long that first afternoon, but we were glad for the few minutes we had!
my WHOLE family was there. (except brittany, who we missed!!) but the fact that we were all there is a testimony to lots of forgiveness and grace and all of us being willing to love HARD. i was in awe of His love pretty much every minute of the week.

it was a great week, but also emotional. between the JOY of the fact that we were all happily together, there was also sadness as my mom's sister, my aunt kim, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer the week before we went. our thoughts and prayers were with her CONSTANTLY.
a short evening walk to end our first day!
ok. this gave me THE most joy. i always try to run on vacation. and squeeze in a little other stuff if i can. i brought a short workout for every day - that didn't require any equipment. i mentioned it the first night..."if anyone wants to join me??" and they wanted to!! i was surprised and just loved it!
a short warmup walk...

it was awesome. i was so so proud of everyone. some of us workout regularly, some don't, but are trying to get healthier. and everyone did GREAT!!! it made me so so happy.
we ended up doing a workout together EVERY morning except thursday!! GO TEAM!
and the BEACH!!
my dad is amazing in so many ways. i just love how he gets DOWN and plays with my kids.

our set-up every day :-)
lots of time spent catching fish! (andrea's net was awesome!)
my mom is amazing.
early morning beach...
sibling selfie!! i love them.
we did love seaside, florida. but myrtle beach is amazing - the wide beaches and the shallow water are so great for kids!!

more of us together. :-)
it's dark. still together :-)
rebekah and i bought matching shirts in seaside. and she wanted us to wear them the same day. i'm pretty sure i'm on borrowed time with her wanting to be twins with me!
another evening walk.
phill and christy made THE most amazing meal one night. they spent ALL day making it. and i ate leftovers from it for days!!
pat and i made breakfast one morning. belgian waffles with red, white and blue on it - for team USA in the world cup soccer!!

wishing my aunt kim a happy birthday :-)
the cool machine that we got ice from every day for the coolers.

watching soccer...
i love him. and so appreciate the man that he is.
they are incredible.
lots of spirit for the USA spotted on the beach!
my kids were in the water more than they were on the sand this week. i LOVED that! they were so comfortable out there!

:-) my mom caught me!

i'm pretty sure i have a picture like this of my dad with each of my kids.

pretty girls.

 i think this was my favorite day. nice, long time at the beach. then pina colada's made with my sister in the pool. and dinner out with my siblings. it was pretty perfect.

 LOVE them. john is incredible with my kids.

 and while we went out, my parents took all the kids to dinner!
 on the GOLF CART!
 and to a playground. i know. they are amazing.

 we had such a fun evening together.
 and stopped at krispy kreme for some HOT doughnuts for dessert! it was super fun!

and then a hurricane came. and we thought we'd be stuck inside all day...until "someone" suggested we take a ride to the beach and check the waves out (it's about a mile from the house).

it ended up being one of our favorite mornings of the week!! pouring rain. crazy wind. LOTS of laughter!

then we went to the pool and hot tub until lunch. it POURED. but we were wet either way, right?!? :-)

spent the afternoon eating my mom's chocolate chip cookies and just being together.

dinner! we love zaxby's!
and then we surprised the kids and went to krispy kreme for dessert so THEY could experience it (or because we wanted to again. either way...)

hard to believe a hurricane had passed through that morning!

this was awesome. these 4 boys shared an orange soda. they made that 1 can of soda last like 20 minutes! it was SO fun to watch!

july 4th we ate dinner in the backyard. super simple.

then went to the beach to wait for the fireworks. some whiffle ball was played.

taking pictures of the sunset :-)

so much beauty!
love her so much.

my momma.

my brothers.

as it got dark, we settled in for an amazing fireworks show!

we were planning on leaving the next morning. but decided to stay an extra day. that's the beauty of knowing the people who own the house ;-)

it was a beautiful day. but sad...we just didn't want the week to end!! it was SO nice to just BE together...for hours and hours. no rush. often no plans. just being.

we spent a lot of time at the pool that last day. the beach was super windy. and, during the LAST hour of our last day...another boy's skim board popped up from the water and hit one of bailey's newly fixed chipped teeth...and chipped it again!! it was THE saddest. so...we are waiting for her dentist to get back from vacation to get it fixed once again. boo. boo. boo.
sunset on our last evening. a beautiful ending to a beautiful week.


Barbara Cassada said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Kathy said...

I love the picture of everyone doing the workout on the driveway! What fun! You should teach classes at the YMCA..

Ali said...

what an awesome time! praise God.

Megan said...

I love going on all of your vacas with you on your blog! Such fun friend!

Holly said...

I love your love of the beach.
YOU are adorable and I miss your face!
Your family is beautiful and I love the warmth I can feel in this post.
I just love you!