Friday, July 11, 2014

16 years

{i LOVE these pictures that my sister took while we were at the beach. LOVE THEM.}

16 years ago i married him. we were so so young. and had no idea what we were doing. i often say, "i'm glad it worked out!"

i can't believe that i get to walk life alongside him. he loves me in a way that shows me how God loves me...and i just really couldn't want anything more than that.

on top of that, he listens to me talk endlessly, he takes me to the beach when he doesn't love it, he goes for walks with me and takes me to get frozen yogurt every friday night.  i can't believe God gave me the gift of him.  i certainly am not perfect at loving him back, but i do love him with all that i am (and that is sometimes pretty ugly.)

happy 16th anniversary to us. it just keeps getting better and better!!


Ali said...

Happy Anniversary!! So glad he still makes your heart skip a beat ;)

Alden and Dorian said...

Happy Anniversary to you two ~ what a pleasure it is watching you two do life together. Love you!