Friday, July 11, 2014

horse camp

 i already posted these first 2. but i want the whole week on this post :-)

she absolutely LOVED every minute of horse camp this week. i wish we had the money to let her do horse riding lessons on a regular see how she came alive and just adored EACH horse and EACH detail of the camp. it made my heart so happy!

 and her outfits and hairstyles were adorable, too!


her leader let her bring one of the ponies over to us and let her siblings all pet him. it was so fun to watch HER be the expert in something!

and then she led "Pumpkin" back to his stall.
at the very end, they got to go on a "horseshoe hunt" for gold horseshoes...and bring one home!
what a FUN week for this girl!


Alden and Dorian said...

What a joy to watch Bailey enjoy this! She sure takes life on ~ and simply enjoys every bit of it her all. And oh my, how CUTE she looks each and every day. I can imagine your mama's heart rejoicing Courtney.

jenn said...

She could not be cuter. What a special week for her. She looks EXACTLY like you…especially in the Thursday pic!! :)