Monday, June 9, 2014

slow and steady

sawyer and i are so different.
yet appreciate each other so much.

he slows me down. i get him going :)

he is a slow and steady kind of guy. always has been. you can't rush him. he walks slow. and talks slow. the other day, he pulled up a stool next to where the iced tea was being made. i was spinning around the kitchen like a tornado. i asked him what he was doing. he said he was going to "watch the tea get made."

i stopped. amazed.

i love that i can push that button and the tea makes itself. i don't HAVE to watch it or do anything. and he is choosing to sit and watch it. his mind and life are so open and full of space that he can do that. just BE there...just WATCHING TEA BE MADE.

it taught me a lot. i have a lot to learn from my kids.

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