Friday, June 6, 2014

still butterflies

we are going on another date tonight.
it's going to be super simple (a new burger place and shopping for sunglasses for him for his father's day gift) but that's our kind of night.

i planned out my outfit. every time i think about it today, i get butterflies in my stomach.

marriage is an amazing journey. do i always get butterflies when i think about seeing him? no. life and schedules and my selfishness and all kinds of things get in the way sometimes. but the powerful thing about marriage is that when the days are here where i don't feel the butterflies (and sometimes just feel annoyed or unseen), i KNOW that the "butterflies in the stomach" days will come back. they always do. and they have enough times that i know i'm standing on solid ground even if i can't FEEL it. 

our marriage relationships are supposed to model our relationship with Christ here on this Earth. and there are certainly days where i don't FEEL the Solid Ground that He is, but i KNOW it's there. because it has been. over and over and over.

tonight i will flit out with my husband. we will laugh and eat and talk and enjoy each other. hopefully we'll connect and learn something new. we've lived so many HARD, dark days the last few years, that i'm tempted to be expecting something awful to happen on a day where my heart feels light and at peace. but i'm choosing to just accept the embrace the freedom to enjoy my husband without trying to push back a dark cloud in order to do so. and to be thankful for the One that holds us through the storms AND the beautiful summer days.

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