Tuesday, June 10, 2014

mostly baseball

this past weekend was, once again, mostly filled with baseball. but we managed to squeeze a few other things in as well!

another date night for us. i got him an early fathers day present (the sunglasses on his head) and he got me a late mother's day present (a dress that i would NEVER get for myself. he even weighed in on the choices and helped me choose!) then a new dinner place with an amazing burger (that i ate a few bites of the bun and paid for the rest of the night :( ) it was still a fun night, because we were together.
had a respectable long morning run on saturday! the last 2 miles were with bailey...and that was our pace at the end. i'm not THAT slow...
pat asked me to make baseball cookies for his teams party. i had never "lined" and "flooded" with icing before. but looked it all up on pinterest, got the supplies, and figured it out! i'm not a patient person, so it was not fun for me. but it WAS fun to see how they turned out!

final touches...

in the midst of all that, sawyer had a game and joshua had a game. sawyer's was his last game. and joshua's was potentially his last - it was the semi-final game and if they won, they got to go onto the championship. they played an AMAZING game and WON 2-1!!
this picture makes my heart SO SO happy. he's heading out to the field to warm up for the next inning. they take a few balls out there and throw them around. he's just tossing the ball in the air...and he could NOT be happier than he is in this moment...
our other kids are incredible at not only GOING to the games happily, but truly being into it and cheering them on!

tied up.
they won!!!!!!!!

joshua thanking the officials. he and i have a story behind this, but it's ours. i just need the picture here for us :-)
victory huddle.
TONIGHT is the big game! they call it the "world series" :-) it's going to be a LONG shot for them to win tonight. the team and coach they are playing are on a different level (and, in all honesty, i'm thankful joshua is with the team and coaches that he is, no matter WHAT the outcome tonight!) but we are all excited!! i sent a special treat in his lunch for good luck ;)

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