Thursday, June 19, 2014

mama bird

we noticed this BEAUTIFUL bird building a nest in one of our trees weeks ago.
then, all of a sudden, she never left the nest. we knew baby birds were coming!

we checked on her all the time.

then one saturday morning, when i was running, rebekah texted me that we had baby birds!!!

she took these pictures...
mama bird feeding her baby...

so then, after a few days, we woke up and the nest was empty. no mama. no babies. until that afternoon, when i was walking through the yard and noticed one of the birds in the grass. it seemed like it couldn't fly! we left it there for a few hours. but it didn't fly away and we were afraid it would get eaten overnight. so we put it in a box. the kids looked up what it should eat and put all kinds of worms and lettuce and leaves in there. the next morning, it was still there (we covered the box with a towel on our front porch?! had no idea what we were doing.)

and then, later that morning, when i got home from running some errands, it was gone! we assume that it flew away, because the box was right where we left it, not tipped over like another animal got it. yay!! we were all so happy...but also kind of missed our friends :-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

Sawyer, Levi, and I observed the Mama Bird building her nest!!! what a great experience for the children!!