Wednesday, June 18, 2014

laundry for 8

i love hearing how people do "everyday stuff"...their routines and systems.
this picture is horrible...and i meant to get more pictures of the process, but i'll just describe it.

here's how we keep our clothes clean:

we have 1 hamper. in the master bathroom. EVERYone's clothes go in there. when it's full (usually every other day), i do 2 loads of laundry. my most recent lightbulb moment is to put 1 load in the washer as the kids are getting in bed, switch it to the dryer and put the other load in the washer as pat and i go to that a load is ready to fold in the morning (after a quick "touch up" cycle) and the other load is ready to fold mid-morning. all done folding by lunch!

i take the clothes up to the upstairs hallway and fold them on the floor...every person has a pile. the kids have to put their clothes away before dinner that evening.

it works for us. i could have the older kids fold their laundry...but i actually like doing it. and like to know that it was at least folded nicely to begin with. once they get it, i don't look in their drawers or anything.

so there you have it. laundry for 8.

{the towels and sheets are a whole other thing...part of the kids chores...}


Megan said...

I love hearing about other people's systems too...thanks for sharing yours about laundry! I've been thinking that the one hamper route would make things easier in our house, so this confirms it. I have a question for you - can you do a post on what you do with all the school papers/arts and crafts that your kids bring home/make? And also on greeting cards that your kids receive? I'd love to know what you do for those things. You seem very good at being able to stay on top of that kind of clutter! :)

Barbara Cassada said...

I LOVE how responsible our grandchildren are...and it is because of their daily chores that each grandchild has!!