Monday, June 23, 2014

just popping in!

so we were here last week:: seaside, florida
it was THE most amazing week together, just our family! and it was THE most amazing little town!
i can't wait to share more.

but it's our first "real" day of summer (since we were gone last week), i haven't eaten lunch yet (it's 2 pm), i have to make cookies for 25 people for pat to bring to work tomorrow, we are having 12-ish people over for dinner tonight, our water heater is leaking...and that's just today! it's going to be a CRAZY week. but i hope to be back SOON to share more! :-)

oh! the table from the "game table" post is from world market! i should have said so initially! :-)


Michelle said...

Welcome back, so glad you enjoyed your vacation. I had to laugh about the table because we were just in world market looking at pillows for our front porch when the kids saw the table and they were like "MOM we need this table!" it was a really nice table :) Hope your week doesn't overwhelm even with the business.

Megan said...

You are just hilarious. That is all. And i think you are fab.

Barbara Cassada said...

What a great family photo!!