Wednesday, April 23, 2014

summer hair (that's what we'll go with!)

our African boys got some summer haircuts. or that's what we'll call them. in all honesty, they were were both a result of serious drama:

(levi cried EVERY morning when i had to brush his hair. to the point that my stomach was in knots waking him up and knowing the drama that was going to follow. it just wasn't worth it anymore. i LOVED his little afro...and so did he...he cried when we said we were going to cut it. but he is MUCH happier with the result! and lincoln. he was trying to grow his hair "like levi's". we knew it would never look like levi's - they just have different hair, but we were ok with him trying to grow it out. until i realized one morning that he was pulling CHUNKS of it out. there were PILES of his hair by his bed. when i asked him WHY? he was pulling his hair out, his answer was, "because it was just sitting there doing nothing!" oh my goodness. that lazy hair of his! :/ we shaved it that morning. he cried. but i think he looks so much better with it shaved.)

here are some good "before" pictures:

and "after":

1 comment:

Deb said...

Love those summer haircuts!
Tell Lincoln and Levi I think the shorter hair just lets the 'HANDSOME' come out better!!!!
Love to your whole family!