Wednesday, April 23, 2014

these boys

they seriously have SO.MUCH.FUN together.
lately it's been even more so.
especially between sawyer and lincoln.
it makes my heart so happy.
this is one of the MAIN reasons lincoln is have positive interactions instead of all negative (which is what was happening with him in school.)
it's SO good. for ALL of us!!!
we went on a bike ride. fed the fish. and ducks. lingered. laughed. 
 questioned. answered. watched. listened.
 ate lunch.
the next few weeks, lincoln is going to have less "structured" school time. and our mornings are going to be more active. more "learn as we go." it's my last few weeks with sawyer home in the mornings (he goes full day next year!) and i've struggled big-time with losing the time i have with him because i'm teaching lincoln. i'm going to embrace the time with him. and let them all be little boys. no will still learn. ;-)


Bridget Cole said...

Lincoln will definitely still learn :) Enjoy!! I've homeschooled all of mine. My oldest is 16 now. He is just fine and keeps up with his peers. We were not super structured. We took advantage of the parks, museums, libraries, co-ops, family, and friends. You are doing fabulous :)

Carrie said...

You're such a great mom! Thanks for your example.