Thursday, April 24, 2014

spring evenings

i cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be OUTSIDE this spring! we are ALL so much happier (well, except for the allergies for a couple of us...but it's still better than winter!!)

monday evening was perfection. and we had no sports!
so i took joshua to the batting cage. while he batted, bailey and i ran around the parking lot. we started her "couch to 5k" training. i'm holding that loosely...but i'd love to keep it up through the spring and into the summer. rebekah and joshua both run each week on their own (it's one of their chores...)

rebekah watched joshua bat. and the 3 little boys had brought bases, bats and balls and played a whiffle ball game in the parking lot (in the back section where there were NO cars ;-)) i had packed dinner and we ate it at a picnic table before heading home for baths/showers and bed! it was the PERFECT afternoon/evening, in my opinion!!

{us running}
 sawyer and levi watching joshua hit.
tuesday evening was a close second. joshua had his first baseball game of the season. rebekah had a guitar concert. and my parents came to watch it all! AND there was a rainbow in the sky as the game was about to start!

he was SO excited to finally get to play a game!
and he (sawyer) changed his whole outfit to be able to "cheer" for joshua's team (they are the Nationals. and we just happen to have a few shirts/hats for them ;-))

joshua was 1st up to bat. made it onto first base (got hit by the ball...but we'll take what we can get!)
made it to second. then made it all the way home! first run of the game!

after the 1st inning, we had to leave and go to rebekah's guitar concert...
she has really enjoyed guitar this year..and is sticking with it next year. i'm so glad!!
they are the best grandparents! our kids are so blessed!!!
and then back to the baseball game for the end. what a fun evening!!!
tonight is sawyer's first tball game. i can hardly stand it...

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Leighann said...

I've been loving the weather (although if it were consistent it'd be nice. ;)…) I spent a few hours over a few days this week weeding with Ryan while the girls were at school and Piper napping… then the kids have been playing outside when they get home. It's so nice for everyone!