Tuesday, April 8, 2014

building with bailey

pat is building something with each kid.
he built a shelf with rebekah. (man...i didn't document that one well?? boo!)

and he built a bed for Saige with bailey.

they looked on the computer for what she wanted. she wanted a CANOPY bed.

i have to say this. pat wouldn't call himself "handy." saws and nails and workbenches aren't something he's super comfortable with. but, he makes his way...and teaches himself...all for the sake of time with his kids.

so. they made the bed together.
then brought it upstairs and told me my job was making it INTO a bed! (mattress, bedding, canopy.)

so on one of our MANY snow days, bailey and i went to the fabric store to get the materials. this girl. she knew EVERY color and material she wanted for each piece. neon pink (NOT to be confused with bright pink) tulle for the bedskirt. pink flannel for the sheets (saige needs to be cozy!) blue satin for the comforter. 3 pillows. 1 with an "S" on it. and WHITE tulle for the canopy. cut up the sides. and sparkly knobs on the corners. THANKfully we found it ALL!

she helped me sew it all. no pictures of that. there was no measuring or anything fancy. just holding pieces of fabric over the bed, eyeballing where i should cut, and making lots of hems. it wasn't pretty or precise. but she LOVEs it and that's what matters!!

that extra little piece of blue satin is saige's blanket :-)
i'm well aware that one day soon she will no longer want to play with a doll bed. i know we're on borrowed time as it is! i loved doing this with and for her.

next up: pat and joshua are building a model car. (i think that's what it's called?? :-))


Deb said...

Oh Bailey! That is the BEST bed for Saige that could be imagined! That's because you designed it and your Dad and Mom helped it all come together just the way you imagined! I'm just a little older than your Grammys and I still have a love for my favorite doll, Pearl, and her bed. I wish you SO MUCH happiness as you enjoy that beautiful bed for Saige. Sending lots of love to you and your family. Deb Schwabe

Alden and Dorian said...

Precious precious pictures of Bailey and Saige. AND of course what a gift Pat is giving to his kids....spending time with them like he does. Filled my heart with JOY reading this.

jenn said...

I pretty much love this. Everything about it.

Katy said...

The best EVER!!!!