Thursday, April 10, 2014

the farm is open!

this past weekend was the opening weekend of the farm.
we couldn't make it out there on saturday, so on sunday we left church early and spent the day at the farm (with the rest of the county!)
there were easter egg hunts all afternoon (in age groups) levi was first...

then we ate the lunch we brought...

something about these 2 in this picture takes my breath away. i can't figure out what.
as much as i miss having "babies", having older kids is pretty great, too!

i mean?!?
they had marshmallows to roast!

we played...
then it was lincoln and sawyer's turn to find eggs!
and i didn't get any pictures of bailey and joshua in their hunt. and rebekah was too old!! :(

it was just a GOOD, fun day together.

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Alden and Dorian said...

The beginning of the FUN farm season!!!!! What an absolutely special time you all had ~ and the pictures....AMAZING! The one with R &, looks they are teenagers! :) You all have the most FUN times!!!!