Monday, April 28, 2014

a bright weekend...right?

it was a great weekend. on paper. and in pictures. so much fun. fun things for EVERYone.
but i struggled. a lot.
my heart was dark. and hard. i'm not sure if it was my introverted self being sucked dry? or just my ugly heart being, well, ugly. but i made it through the weekend physically THERE, but on the verge of tears most of the time and not really enjoying much of it.

i hate that. but it's the truth. and it will make the days and weekends that were bright in my HEART that much sweeter, right??

here are the pictures :-)

friday night i got to be a driver for the junior high photo scavenger hunt. it was super fun. a van full of girls, driving all around town, taking pictures of them doing 30 silly things?? super fun!!

{wearing robes}
 {taking a nap on a bench}
 {doing a handstand}
saturday morning i got an EARLY run in (5 am) before making a FUN birthday breakfast and then getting us all to the Little League parade and opening ceremony!

waiting for the parade to start. she wore a dress because it was daddy's birthday!
 this girl is incredible.
 here it comes!!
 sawyer (and pat's!) team!

 joshua's team!

 the ceremony is always a bit too long. especially for the little guys. but it was special. and i think it's probably one of the only events in our country that still prays (to God. not "a god", but God!)
 rushed home to eat lunch and sing happy birthday to pat!!
 and open his gifts...i'm sure glad that guy was born 37 years ago!!! it was fun to celebrate him!
then we were off to joshua's game. he played against a good friend. this is joshua at catcher and his friend batting.
 and this is the opposite...his friend at catcher, and joshua batting...

 rushed home to make and eat dinner (grilled pizzas!)

and then drove an hour to a minor league game with joshua's team. they got to get the players autographs and go out on the field with the players at the beginning of the game.

we have become a BASEBALL family. 

sunday was full of church. and naps. and then i was in charge of an apparel meeting for swim team that was crazy. and i have boxes of tshirts and sweatshirts and a pile of order forms and checks that i need to make sense of.

i hardly slept sunday night. but woke up monday morning with a renewed heart. a lighter heart. and a new week ahead.


Kim Mattes said...

oh gosh. your weekend describes mine exactly. except just different activities. but I didn't make it through mine without the tears and my ugly heart showing through. ugh... thankful that today was a new day and that my heart felt lighter too (even with no sleep on Sunday night either!) I wish that I could shut my brain off sometimes and just not think or feel all of the time. I really think that would help. (and having no thunder/lightening with a petrified child all night long would help too) and this is funny... I actually texted these words to a friend yesterday "my introverted self completely worn down." see... such similar weekends huh?! thinking of you and hope that your week is off to a better start and your brain and heart are lighter.

Leighann said...

too little sleep makes me cranky and hormones make me cry. boo! looking forward to a brighter week (although it's supposed to rain all week in the Burgh). might be down your way during the dad and kids campout. is Pat taking your kids? would love to hug you in person. for now, a virtual one will have to do. << >>.

Barbara Cassada said...

loved sawyer and joshua's smiles! looking forward to seeing their games on saturday!