Monday, April 28, 2014

sawyer's first tball game

 it was last thursday night. and it was the cutest thing. EVER.

he is JUST like joshua. paced the house until it was time to leave. wanted to wear his uniform to school (i didn't let him.)

warming up

 i don't know what it is about baseball. but i get choked up at the beginning of EVERY game.

reading the little league pledge.
 his daddy as his coach.

 and, just like joshua, he smiled the whole game.

he played 1st base for an inning. and caught a couple balls to get kids out! (he's #10 withe the blue helmet.)

it was so fun to watch. so so fun. he's counting down the days til his next game :-)


Ali said...

He looks so much like Joshua too! Way to go, Sawyer!

jenn said...

so cute!

Leighann said...

goodness he's cute!