Tuesday, March 18, 2014

we prefer spring...

last week we had a touch of spring. it was heavenly.

lincoln and i took our school on the road and did it at the playground. we were all so happy.
and then i got home. and heard the news about my neighbor that had been killed that morning (and had more texts and missed calls on my phone then i ever have.

i didn't sleep well the next couple nights. but had a lot more time in the Word and with Him in the early early morning hours.
 friday night pat took rebekah on a date. out to dinner and then to church to decorate cakes.
 saturday we went for a nice long walk at a park. we didn't have jackets!! it was so great!

 just to prove we were there :-) rebekah brought her camera...
 sunday we got to celebrate this guys birthday!! my brother, steve. he's one great guy!!!

sunday night i made pat grill burgers for our friends that came over. in the snow. i was IN DENIAL! ugh. we got 10" of snow that night...
and we are back to winter. boo.

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