Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LAST snow day :: st patricks day

we got the call the night before that school would be cancelled monday. i slept til 7:15!! that was SO nice!

some leprechauns left a pot of gold :-)
mid morning we had some snow ice cream - green with green sprinkles! after we shoveled. again.

right before lunch joshua and i ran 3 miles together. the snow was still coming down - i DO love running in the snow!! and the roads and sidewalks were pretty clear! any time with this guy is sweet time.
rebekah is old enough to work out at the gym. and she wanted to go that afternoon (twist my arm!) so we did. ;-)
THEN we went sledding. for the LAST time this winter. (right?? please tell me i'm right!!!!)
we're still going strong writing out the Bible! a couple of us are nearing the end of our books!
dinner was green eggs and ham (i had shredded chicken and salsa instead of ham). and some green fruit salad! EVERYone gobbled it up! it was easy, cheap, healthy and i need to serve that more often! (maybe not the GREEN eggs...)
did a little research on the REAL St Patrick last night. he was a pretty great guy! i think we'll learn more about him next year! it was after the kids were in bed...

today was a 2 hr delay...and the 2 minutes the kids WERE in school i had 2 meetings.

READY for some routine. it's going to be summer before we know it and we're not going to even tell a difference because they are home all the time anyways!

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