Wednesday, March 12, 2014

lent :: ponder

today i am thankful to be alive.

i have spent less time "pondering" and reading this morning. and more time on the phone and facebook.

a female jogger was hit and killed .7 miles from my house this morning. at an intersection that i run through most mornings of the week. so many people have been calling and texting to make sure it wasn't me.

i feel so loved and KNOWN. and so sick about the families that have been forever effected by this horrific accident.

i'm thankful that i chose to sleep longer and have a slower morning today.

and thankful for the day and breath He's given me today. we so often take it for granted...


Ali said...

I am thankful too.

Leighann said...

i had no idea. so thankful for your safety. so sad for the other family. i wish i lived closer. not sure why it matters, but that's what my heart felt when i read this.