Tuesday, March 11, 2014


the days fly by around here. WAY too fast. i try to take the little moments in, but i know i miss a lot.

basketball season is over, and baseball is next on the docket.

joshua and pat were throwing a baseball in the house the other day. they quit while they were ahead (before anyone got hit in the head or anything got broken.) i was thankful...for both...that they were throwing a ball and that they quit :-)
rebekah got "most improved player" on her team. we are so proud of who this girl is.
this is what levi does when we say, "do wide eyes." we all love it. and do it a lot. he is HAPPY to comply.
we tried to do "wide eyes", but no one can do it quite like levi!
i've talked here before how pat does "days" with the kids. each night he spends 15-20 minutes with one kid after he has put the other 5 to bed. they love it and look forward to it a LOT.

i read on a friends blog about her letting her kids take turns helping her with dinner. a lightbulb went off for me! i could do that with my kids and it would be MY turn to have one on one time with them. THAT afternoon, we put everyone's names in a hat and drew who would go first.  LEVI! ohmygoodness. he is still talking about it, "mom. i put the fruit on the plates. remember?" so far, levi, sawyer and lincoln have helped me (we went youngest to oldest from levi.)  tonight is bailey's turn! and i can't wait ;-)


Ali said...

We must show you Avery's wide eyes ;)

Leighann said...

I love this idea!