Monday, February 17, 2014

the big snow!

i usually don't MEAN to take blogging "breaks". but sometimes they just happen. more often than not, lately. and i'm ok with it. my people and my life need me to be engaged with them, so i am choosing to be.

but all this white stuff played a role this time, too!! it was BEAUTIFUL and fun. it was one of those snows that came FAST and HARD and there wasn't even a THOUGHT if pat and the kids would go to school/work this past thursday. we got 15" of snow in a few hours and everything shutdown. it was great!
 we spent the first half of the day shoveling...
and then i broke out some special marshmallows i'd been saving for hot chocolate. they were chocolate mint and smores flavors! and a HUGE hit!

 the kids rested and played for the afternoon. and pat and i....
 ha! took a sink off the wall! he was trying to love me by replacing the faucet. which he did. but he couldn't get to a nut, went to home depot and tried some new tools, nothing worked. so we eventually had to take the sink off in order to get the nut off! but he did it! and it's all back together now!

i spent the afternoon getting our valentine's day party ready. (well, i spent 2 DAYS getting it ready!) this was our 3rd annual party. three years ago, when i started it, the kids school had banned parties and food and treats. so i threw them a party at home - just for fun and because, in the past, i had had a bad attitude about valentines day. i just didn't like it. thought it was cheesy and hallmark-y. well, i decided to change it for our family and throw them a party because i love them like crazy.

 i kind of think it's so appropriate that the "God is love" banner hangs over the world, yes?

we had planned the party for the day before valentines day because of the stuff we had going on for the day on valentines day, so we stuck with that plan. it was nice to have something fun to do while we were all home!

 tic tac toe with conversation hearts.

 and pat got to be there this year! it's kind of my "thing" for the kids, so having him there changed it a bit for me...
 here are year 1 and year 2.

 a bit random. but my friend, courtney, posted about this contact i put it on the piece of furniture in our foyer and it's been so fun to see the kids notes on it! it's "chalkboard" contact paper...and you write on it with these chalkboard paint markers (so it's not messy!) it's so fun!!
 that night, we surprised the kids and took them sledding at night. it was so so so fun. in that moment, i knew it was just going to be one of those things they remember forever and ever.

AND it was snowing again!
i was able to get us all in a picture!! a precious memory for sure!
we got our big snow. it was fun.
now i'm ready for spring!


Holly said...

this post (not sure about ALL the reality) has so much peace and joy in it - it's beautiful!

Ali said...

So fun! Love the night sledding. It will be SO nice when Avery is a tad older ;)

Courtney said...

So glad you love the contact paper! I just ordered my second roll's a mild addiction for those of us who love written words! :)