Monday, February 17, 2014


first, before we get to the sledding, i have basically eaten anything and everything in sight - thanks to valentine's day and "snow day" fever. but this was at least one, "paleo" meal i consumed and it was amazing!
one more thing. these brothers. lego's. they were in heaven. for HOURS.
ok. sledding. the kids were "obviously" off school again. pat went back to work. so we had the day on friday to play! sledding was perfection. LOTS of snow. sunshine. and close to 50 degrees! the coats, hats and gloves came off quickly. it was amazing!!!

the kids LOVED that i got in on the action!

i told them their valentine's day gift to me was a picture with each of them:

then. THEN...we took rebekah to church. she got on this MASSIVE but and left us. for 4 days and 3 nights. she got to go on a youth group ski retreat with our church! she's never skiied. and she's only been "away" from us for a handful of nights (besides being with grandparents). she is the kind of kid that likes to be home with us (and she's our oldest!) so this was a BIG deal. she was excited to go, and we were excited for her to go. as i write this, we are an hour away from getting to go pick her up!! i can't WAIT!! ALL the kids have missed her like crazy. and pat and i have missed her MORE than we could have imagined. we can't WAIT to see her!!!!!
valentines night consisted of pizza and olympic watching with the kids and then pat and i got some burgers for dinner after the kids went to bed. maybe doesn't sound like the most amazing valentine's day, but i was perfectly content!


Alden and Dorian said...

LOVE the sledding photos!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

sounds awesome to ME! I'd kill to get burgers with Jake right now ;-)

Ali said...

Great pictures. Perfect Valentine's gifts.

Courtney said...

i LOVE your pictures with each kid. And maybe I'm reading too much into them, but the way you are holding each one seems to say so much about your relationship with that one least how I perceive your relationships with each of them. I love it.