Wednesday, February 26, 2014

sweet weekend and burger #2!

my blogging used to be so much more immediate. the things i blogged about had just happened. now i have to look back through my blog to see if i ever posted about some takes me so long to get them on here! makes me kinda sad. but mostly i'm just doing the best i can!

this past weekend was really sweet. and i didn't really realize how sweet it was til i looked through my {mostly phone} pictures.

friend friday made a comeback. while our kitchen was being done, i couldn't add any more kids here. we could hardly function ourselves in this crazy place.

it was fun to have more kids in our house.
 middle school girls are so cute :-)
the WEATHER was INCREDIBLE!! 60 degrees and sunny!! i got to run OUTSIDE and anywhere i wanted because the snow mounds were finally gone. it was glorious!
sawyer wanted to come to "big church" with us on sunday. he wrote this during the service: "i love Jesus. Jesus never lies. Jesus died on the cross for us."

sunday evening brought burger challenge #2! it's looking like it might be a sunday evening tradition...making our way through the 30 burgers! most everyone liked this one, too. it was on a pretzel roll for the bun. that was hard for the little boys to eat, but they just took it apart and ate it that way.

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Jenny Dsouza said...

Wow yummy burger.
I just love it and i use to go at burger restaurant twice a week.