Tuesday, February 25, 2014

40 day Easter journey with your children


i am so ridiculously excited to share this with you.
my friend, leighann, wrote a book.

it is a 40 day devotional to do with your children in the weeks leading up to Easter.
{but, in all honesty, the devotions are SO good, that i will be using it on my own also!}

Lent starts on March 5 this year, so you have a little over a week!

the devotions start with Jesus' time in the wilderness...and go through Easter morning.
it's set up to have a devotion for 5 days. then each Saturday, there is a reading to explain an aspect of Lent (skip this if you want!)
Sunday is for you to worship however your family does!

like Leighann, i grew up going to church but not observing Lent. i didn't even know what Lent truly was until i was about 30 years old. the last few years, it has become such a sweet time for me to reflect and ponder what He has done for me. His love is so sacrificial and so deep and i don't think we spend enough time remembering that. Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter) allows for this...and it prefaces a day that changed everything. a day that Jesus rescued His children from death.

i'm not sure what Lent is going to look like for me this year. the last couple years, i've given up "food" things - diet coke, sugar, etc.

and those were great experiences. but, you know what's crazy? all those things i gave up? that's pretty much how i eat ALL the time now. i haven't had a diet coke in months and months (and don't miss it a BIT) and sugar is still something i love TOO much, but eat pretty rarely (depending on the week/day/mood - ha!)

i've been praying about what Lent will look like for me this year, and don't have a clear answer yet. EXCEPT this. i will be going through this book on my own AND with my kids. and i am so excited about it!

so. here is leighann's own post about her book. there is an example on her post of one of the devotions, so that you can check it out. it is an "Ebook" - so you buy it on her post and then print it out if you want.

if you do get it and do it with your children, would you let me know how it goes? how you like it? things you learned? i'd love to hear!


Ali said...

Hooray! I was just about to order something. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

Bought it this morning after I saw your FB post. Was about to start searching for something. This looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Mandy said...

Houles are in!

Niki said...

My family will be doing the same! Thanks for the recommendation ~ was looking for something as well and this is great :)