Wednesday, February 26, 2014

my boys

joshua woke up with a fever the other day. so he stayed home from school. i love it when he stays home. he is so easy and calming to be around. and it made us stay home all day. which i think we needed.

i have been struggling with a dark, sad heart. i would blame it on the weather (which i'm sure doesn't help!) but i can't put it ALL on that. i've just been feeling hopeless. and overwhelmed. there are things that i SO long to change
in my heart
and in my relationship with lincoln
and in his heart...
and sometimes i just feel hopeless about it all. i know all the "right" answers. i KNOW God can do anything. i just don't understand why He isn't.

i had my camera out and captured some pretty cute moments that day. i swear i didn't stage ANY of these. they are just that cute and do things that are that cute!

these 3. they were playing headbandz. and it was THE most hysterical thing ever. seriously.

do you like our *new* game room?? i LOVE it. this is the room that is supposed to be the "living room". off the dining room and right when you walk in the front door. it has a game table (bottom right corner) and chairs to sit and chat with someone. it's my favorite place to be. ok, besides in one of Pat's amazing hugs at the end of a hard day. THAT'S my favorite place to be.
this is what was happening while i took a shower. i know. so sweet. joshua reading to them.
this is how they sit to watch a show. next to each other isn't close enough. levi is laying INSIDE of sawyer's legs.

later that afternoon, i caught lincoln just reading the Bible.
"what book are you reading, buddy?"

that's the book that Pat is going through with them at night. this kid LOVES LOVES LOVES to read.
there you have it. my boys and some pretty stinking cute moments. i needed to go back through those, because the moments today have NOT been so cute. argh!

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jenn said...

1. I miss you.

2. Why is Levi getting so big? I can't take it.

3. Praying for you.

4. Our houses are looking more and more like twins every day!