Sunday, February 9, 2014


 i made a hard decision to sleep in and not run on saturday morning. i KNOW the world won't stop spinning if i don't get my run in. but it kind of feels like it might. at least MY world might stop spinning! but i was SO, deep deep down tired. and just kept thinking, "i shouldn't run tomorrow." i usually do anyways. but i chose to listen to my body and NOT run. and i slept til 7:30! it was so nice!

then we were off and running!

i remembered to bring my camera to the basketball games...finally (aren't you glad? ;-))
i LOVE watching them play sports. so so much.
the cheering squad - ha!
joshua is #10

my dad came.
and pat's parents. my kids are so blessed to have such amazing grandparents! and ones that are SO involved in their lives!

then it was off to rebekah's game.

then pat's parents took joshua to lunch to celebrate his birthday. and the rest of us came home. i went for an hour long walk in some snow flurries...i was trying to still be *gentle* with my body, but i needed to MOVE and get some fresh air! pat did some chores around the house. it was nice to have a "normal" saturday without workers in our house all day!

THEN! pat and bailey got all dressed up for the daddy-daughter dance at our church! bailey chose to go to Red Robin for dinner. and off they went! yes, she wanted to look JUST like saige - even the ring!

i ran some errands with the other kids. and we watched the olympics. and joshua finished that HUGE lego set he opened 24 hours earlier.

it was a good day. we've had a lot of those lately. thank you, Lord.

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