Saturday, February 8, 2014

joshua is 10

yesterday was joshua's birthday. my oldest son turned 10 years old. i can't really believe it.

this kid has been easy from day 1.
his labor and delivery were even easy! my water broke at 11 pm. he was born 3 hours later after 2 pushes.

he was the EASIEST baby. hardly ever cried.

easy toddler. we only had to look at him sternly and he'd stop doing whatever he was doing that he wasn't supposed to.
he's always been FULL of smiles. and he exudes a calmness that i LOVE to be around, because it makes me calmer!
he's the BEST big brother. he and rebekah have the closest bond - he would do ANYthing for her. and he is so amazing to sawyer...that kid looks up to his big brother like he's a celebrity - and joshua lives up to it! he is so patient and loving with him.

he LOVES LOVES LOVES sports. ANY sport. loves playing. loves watching. loves talking about them.

(i can't even stand this picture. i mean??)
it was SUCH a joy to spoil him all day long yesterday.
he chose donuts for breakfast...

(2 of the kids decided to complain about their donuts not having *enough* sprinkles. so they just got bananas. very sad for them :( )

ok. this is the cutest. i had to go to target the other day and he asked to come and bring his wallet to buy some pants?!? what? it was such a bizarre request, that i had to say yes! for him to ask ANYthing is huge to begin with. and clothes?? he bought these pants. he wears athletic pants 100% of the time. so i'm not sure what this is all about, but he saved them to wear for his birthday...and i do think he looked pretty darn handsome!
i had told joshua that i would bring him lunch. he chose subway (over chick fil a AND mcdonalds!) but pat surprised us both by staying home for the day and going to lunch with joshua. his face was PRICELESS when he saw pat standing there. i loved it!
 a BIG lunch for a BIG boy. (no, he didn't eat it all... :-))

he asked for my grandma's pound cake. and for it to look like a basketball. done and done!
since pat was home, he even got to play football on the Wii with him! huge treat!

as soon as rebekah got home from school, we did his cake and gifts. he had a busy evening ahead so we had to squeeze it in!

lego's. always lego's!
talking to his best friend, Owen. cutest ever.
and then he went to basketball practice (we gave him the choice. he thought it made his birthday even MORE perfect!)

and THEN to another friend's birthday party! we also gave him the choice on this, and he chose to go.

the kid had a GREAT day. it's so easy to celebrate him and so fun to spoil him and give him lots of love and attention! he asks for SO little of anything, that it makes it a JOY to give him all we can!

{rebekah has never minded me posting about her... i ask. but joshua is more private. so i show him any post that has him in it and he "ok's" it. just so you know.}


Liza said...

This is precious, Courtney. I love the way you speak about him and share such specific, individual things about each child's personality. You love them so well.

Beckysblog said...

I love the baseball pic!!!!

Courtney said...

i love this. love that you spoiled him a that it brought you and him such his "hipster" pants!
And I'm always SUPER-grateful for the ways you share your creative-corrections...bananas instead of doughnuts...genius! Probably seems like something small for you to mention, but those things are super-encouraging to me.

Ali said...

He is definitely one amazing boy! Happy 10th Birthday!

Jennifer said...

completely random but where did you get that cute "baseball" shirt? The one with lace and turquoise sleeves.