Saturday, February 8, 2014

i love you...let me count the ways...

i got this idea off pinterest. NOT my own. but a good idea to share anyways!

i cut out 14 hearts for each kid. and wrote 1 thing on each one that i love about them or love doing with them. each night before i go to bed, i tape another one on their door.
i hope they love it. it was definitely harder to think of 14 things for some kids than others. but it was a good thing to do for my own heart, also!

(rebekah and bailey always have a countdown on their door. around jan 2, they (all the kids) lost being able to play the Wii for the ENTIRE month. they were arguing about it the whole time they were playing. it was a LOOOONNG month. remember how they were home all month with snow days and we could hardly walk around in our house because it was full of construction stuff and workers? but we made it! i kind of feel like i should win a medal or we survived a war. kidding. kind of. NOT making light of war and those that have truly served. it was super sad, because joshua got a new football game on jan 4...and had to wait 4 weeks to play it!)

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Michelle said...

I'm doing the same with the hearts! My kids love finding their new heart every morning. :)