Friday, February 1, 2013

februrary 1!

it's february 1!
i used to HATE valentine's day. i know, right?
i am loving it MORE each year.
i hated it for what our society said it was "supposed" to be. i'm not into forced, cheesy emotions.
give me REAL.

well, since i've changed my perspective and chosen to celebrate REAL love in february, it's becoming something i really look forward to!!


i re-used the decorations from last year...and found the black canvas recently...a fun addition!

doing something new this year. we've done the fortune cookie thing for YEARS. but am choosing to not this year. every kid has a heart taped up in the family room. AT ANY TIME, anyone can write something they love about each other right on their hearts.
these are hanging where we can see them all the time. and will hopefully encourage them all to BE LOVING and also to FEEL LOVED. {karate still happening on an hourly basis :-)}

do you do anything fun to celebrate valentine's day??


Mandy said...

oh that last picture makes me want to pain our house number on the door! so fun!

Laura said...

Is that your front door???? I LOVE IT!! So cool and inviting.

Alden and Dorian said...

Oh I love every part of it! So cute...and so meaningful. Quite the turn around for Valentine's Day...interesting how our hearts change isn't it. :)

Amy said...

Has your front door always been so fun? I'm assuming that's your front door. I'm too lazy to actually go look up your address right now. :)

Ali said...

the note idea is super cute.