Monday, February 1, 2010


that was the funnest dinner EVER!
who doesn't love to give gifts, right??
especially to those you love!
and you know they are going to love what you gave them!

surprised them with chopsticks on their bowls with their dinner.
super fun!

and then told them about the fortune cookies.
you could almost physically see the love filling them up as they read their notes from me.

and as a total spur of the moment thing, we also read 1 Corinthians 13:1-8.
i read it tonight.
we will read it every night until valentines day.
rebekah and joshua will also read it some nights.

wow. those verses HIT HOME!
they are those verses you can recite without thinking.
but if you say them while you're thinking...gets you going!

what a word!

what a day.
it was a great one.
but i'm tired.
good night.


Katy said...

duh - why didn't i read 1 corinthians 13 today? okay - doing it tomorrow. i love their faces as they are reading about BEAMING!! :) you're a great mom!

Cassie said...

i'm with you.
it was so fun.
lani was the best. she BEAMED.
thanks for the idea.
it was awesome....

Julie said...

i also agree, it was so fun having the kids open them. Of course Jasper didn't understand but Eli did and he asked this morning if we could open one again at breakfast and we told him he had to wait for dinner. He was so excited. Thanks again for sharing the idea!

Tammy said...

yet another cool idea for my record book. thanks for making me into a cool mom like you. :)

Holly said...

I might be late, but I'm stealing this idea...
I LOVE it!
and you're just cool ;-)

Megan said...

This is awesome...I pray I will remember it next year when I actually remember Valentine's Day is approaching!