Sunday, February 5, 2012

mantle, known and yummy recipes!

because i don't want to be on here long, this post is going to be all over the place. but i have a lot to share!

started our weekend with an AMAZING night on friday night. my sister, her boyfriend (John) and John's brother and HIS wife (Chris and Amanda) came over for dinner. it was so fun! we LOVED getting to spend time with hannah and john AND getting to know Chris and Amanda. an ADULT dinner (after the kids were in bed or watching a movie). and YUMMY food! i made 2 new recipes, which i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do for people you've never met. but, thankfully, it worked out!

made these enchilada's and this rice. and i tripled the enchilada recipe, so we've been eating them all weekend!

i indulged myself one afternoon last week and spent most of naptime making my mantle all decorated for valentine's day. i LOVE it! (got my inspiration here)

(we're getting set up for the super bowl!!!)

lastly. got to get together with katy last night. she lives WAY too far away (in sc) but was in town visiting her mom. she was kind enough to spend a few hours with me. going out on a sat nite - to meet a friend that KNOWS me so well was such a breath of fresh air! we've known and loved each other since we were like 13 years old (wow! that's a LOT of years!!) lots of history together. got married within a month of each other. have lived too far apart for all of our married lives, but i'm so thankful that our friendship has proven to be one that withstands time AND distance. her encouragement lifted me up. and to be able to share in a TRULY safe place is something i don't take for granted! especially that last year or so!

off to make some fun food and watch the super bowl. going to make these apple nachos...hopefully they are good! it's the only "healthy-ish" thing we'll be consuming :-) we don't really care about the outcome. everyone's just excited for the PARTY!


Mommylove said...

I made a similar enchilada recipe last week, but it was spiced up a bit with jalapenos and I had to use salsa verde in place of some of the green chiles as I ran out:) Also pinned to my recipes on pinterest in the 20 top recipes of 2010 category:) Yummy!

Mandy said...

i love your mantle :)